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  • "Yolanda and crew could not have treated me and wife any better. Great before, during and after-sale customer service."

    Overall Rating:
    JC Starkenberg - Venus, TX
  • "I had Just Purchased a NEW 2018 Chieftain Indian Red and the Staff at Fort Worth INDIAN have been taking care of me as I just had a New Born BABY. Had my 500 mile do all done by the best Tech in the Country. Yo and he went over the complete Inspection with me. There accessories move fast so you best get out in front."

    Overall Rating:
    Paul Ford - WATAUGA, TX
  • "I tell ya one of the best transactions I've had, everyone at this establishment is just awesome."

    Overall Rating:
    Billy Allbright - Merkel, TX
  • "Love the Bike, The Shop and the people everyone has been just great to work with. I tell everyone they are making a mistake if they don't go to Fort Worth Indian and check out the bikes and the crew. First Cabin all the way."

    Overall Rating:
    Ron Lucero - Keller, TX
  • "Everyone at this location did a great job to help me own this bike. It was a very pleasurable experience."

    Overall Rating:
    Joe Dulock - Arlington, TX
  • "Fort Worth Indian Motorcycle is the second dealership I've visited and purchased from in the DFW area and I'm very impressed with your dealership and the customer service! Yolanda was super, the store had a wide range of Indian merchandise and a great selection of bikes on the showroom floor! Thank you for a great experience!"

    Overall Rating:
    Mark Sawyer - Lewisville, TX
  • "I was, I think the first to purchase my Indian Chieftain for Ft Worth Indian. And that was in May 2014. They are awesome people, friendly, happy to help, get the job done, and just plain great folks. Even after 6 months, they are the same. Thanks for the friendly place and people to visit 2 or 3 times a month. As for the bike, ride one and you will understand the feeling and fun it is. Riding Harley's for a long time, and they ARE still great bikes, the Indian has a whole different feel and still keeps the old look with updated technology. Thanks, Yolanda & Danial for all the work you do. Keep it up!"

    Overall Rating:
    Tony Moffre - Haltom City, TX
  • "I purchased my 2014 Indian Chief Vintage at Fort Worth Indian in October of last year. Very happy with the bike and the dealer is great. They are a very friendly bunch, very personable, and really take care of you. I rode into the dealer with a small issue yesterday and they worked diligently on it and got the matter resolved and made me feel at home while I was waiting. If you are in the market for an Indian motorcycle, go by and see them!"

    Overall Rating:
    Steve Tennyson - Little Elm, TX
  • "Totally satisfied with my ride and all the staff. Rode in on my Harley took a demo ride and left on a new Chieftain without regrets. Now have over 3,000 miles of pure enjoyment on this bike. The staff is always friendly and helpful making me feel at home on every visit, always greeting me and calling me by name. Too many places now act as if it is an inconvenience when you go in but at Ft. Worth Indian it is a pleasure even just to visit! What a refreshing experience nowadays!"

    Overall Rating:
    John Cavenah - Willow Park, TX
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